Pete Janowitz

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Pete Janowitz

Pedro Max Janowitz (? – ?)

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From TekScope Vol. 12 No. 4, Dec 1980:

Pete Janowitz was pro1ect leader for the 834 electrical engineering team. He started with Tek in 1968 and worked with portable scope engineering before joining the data communications analyzer group.

Pete received his BSEE from Oregon State in 1964. He enjoys hiking, camping, and performing with a popular singing group.

Documents Authored by Pete Janowitz

Document Page Class Title Author(s) Year Refers to
Tekscope 1976 V8 N2.pdf 8 Article A Plug-in Word Recognizer with Digital Delay Pete Janowitz 1976 WR501 LA501 LA501W
Tekscope 1980 V12 N4.pdf 10 Article A Programmable Data Communications Tester for First-Line Technicians Pete Janowitz John Light 1980 834

Products by Pete Janowitz

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
465 Oscilloscope Portable 100 MHz dual-trace scope Leon Orchard Luis Navarro Bob Shand Jim Hinze Frank Dewater Pete Janowitz Dave Laib Al Schamel Bert tenKate Ken Holland Bill Mark George Ermini Dennis Braatz 1972
WR501 Plug-in 16-channel word recognizer Pete Janowitz Milt Klaudt Dennis Glasby Mike Lancaster 1976
834 Logic Analyzer Programmable data communications tester Pete Janowitz John Light 1980

Components by Pete Janowitz

Patents by Pedro Max Janowitz

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3999128A US 3999128A Time interval measurement method and apparatus Pedro Max Janowitz Jim Godwin Tektronix Inc 1975-04-18 1976-12-21
Patent US 4860291A US 4860291A Test vector definition system employing template concept Wendell W. Damm Keith Taylor Ira G. Pollock Pedro Max Janowitz Tektronix Inc 1987-12-28 1989-08-22