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Tektronix 140
NTSC signal generator
Tektronix 140

Produced from 1969 to (?)

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The Tektronix 140 is an NTSC signal generator.

See also 144 and 146.

Linley Gumm says:

The 140 color bar generator started out as a 067- test fixture intended to test vector scopes. I have some early front panels of same in my garage. Charlie Rhodes, of course, fully intended to sell them as a product from the get go but needed to pretend to be doing a cal fixture to get permission to develop it.

Key Specifications

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Documents Referencing 140

Document Class Title Authors Year Links
Tekscope 1970 V2 N3 Jun 1970.pdf Article Tektronix Signal Sources 1970
Tekscope 1971 V3 N6 Nov 1971.pdf Article Tektronix and the World of Television Measurements Stephen D. Kerman 1971
AX-3265.pdf Application Note Shortening the Blanking Intervals of the Tektronix 140-144-146 NTSC Generators (TV Products App Note No.22) 1976