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The Tektronix 454 is a 150 MHz portable dual-trace scope introduced in March 1967. It can be seen as an improved 453. The successor 454A was introduced in 1971.

The 454 is the fastest general-purpose Tektronix scope that does not use proprietary hybrid or integrated circuits. It uses a CRT with distributed vertical deflection plates.


With the input sensitivity set to 10 mV/div and above, the 454A has a vertical bandwidth of 150 MHz. At 5 mV/div it is 100 MHz, and at 2 mV/div it is 50 MHz.

It is possible to cascade the channel-1 and channel-2 input amplifiers to obtain a sensitivity of 400 μV/div. In that configuration, the vertical bandwidth is 33 MHz.

The 454 weighs 29 pounds and consumes about 130 watts. It has two ±12 V probe power outputs for P6045 probes.

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The 454 has a 140 ns delay line in the signal path after the input channel switching and before the main vertical amplifier. There is a phase equalizer after the delay line to mitigate the harm done to pulse fidelity by the delay line.

The 454 uses the T4540 CRT.

454 Modifications

The 454 came in several different modifiactions that were indicated on the field on the frontplate directly below the "454" lettering, left of the serial number field. Known modifications are

  • MOD163D
  • MOD210N - P6047 accessory probes come in 6ft variant with extra accessories.





Some Parts Used in the 454

Page Class Description Used in
120-0470-00 Discrete component power transformer 454
8393 Vacuum Tube (Triode) Nuvistor triode 453 454 1A6 1A7 503
T4540 CRT rectangular 3⅜" × 3⅞" flat-faced CRT 454