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Tektronix 520
NTSC/PAL vectorscope
520A vectorscope

Produced from 1967 to (?)

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The Tektronix 520 is a vectorscope introduced in 1967. Versions were made for NTSC and for PAL.

Phil Crosby was the project lead and designed the demodulation circuitry. Ron Olson designed the sweep.

The HV oscillator's power transistor is mounted to the rear panel. Since its collector has 40 kHz with tens of volts peak-to-peak a decision was made to add metal plating to the transistor's Bakelite cover to prevent EMI. Unexpectedly, the outgassing from the Bakelite caused the metal plating to blister, which shorted the collector to the case. When this problem was discovered, the metal plating was removed from the design. In hindsight, the designers didn't believe the plating was necessary in the first place.

Key Specifications

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Documents Referencing 520

Document Class Title Authors Year Links
Service Scope 47 Dec 1967.pdf Article A New Vectorscope 1967
Tekscope 1971 V3 N6 Nov 1971.pdf Article A Quick-Cal Procedure for the 520 Vectorscope Ed Handris 1971
Tekscope 1971 V3 N6 Nov 1971.pdf Article Tektronix and the World of Television Measurements Stephen D. Kerman 1971
TekWeek (partial) October 10, 1975.pdf Article Questions for guest speakers Tom Long Steve Kerman Dave Friedley Thor Hallen Charlie Rhodes 1975




Some Parts Used in the 520

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
T5201 154-0513-00 154-0513-01 154-0513-02 154-0513-03 CRT CRT with special graticule 520 521 522