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The Tektronix M120B  (P/N 155-0109-00,155-0109-01) is a trigger monolithic integrated circuit (good to 350 MHz) in a 16-pin DIP. It was designed by Gary Vance on the SHF2 process.

It is designed to be used in conjunction with the 155-0126-00 (M121) trigger amplifier and channel switch.

There were two versions, the 155-0109-00 and 155-0109-01. (Differences?)

Used in

Some instruments using part 155-0109-00

Instrument Manufacturer Class Model Description Introduced
5B25N Tektronix Plug-in 5B25N 20 MHz digitizer time base 1981
5B31 Tektronix Plug-in 5B31 Digitally delayed timebase 1975
5B40 Tektronix Plug-in 5B40 60 MHz timebase 1975
5B42 Tektronix Plug-in 5B42 60 MHz dual timebase plug-in 1974
5B44 Tektronix Plug-in 5B44 60 MHz, 50 ns (5 ns) dual time base plug-in 1976
5S14N Tektronix Plug-in 5S14N 1 GHz dual-trace, delayed-sweep sampler 1974
7612D Tektronix Oscilloscope 7612D 200 MS/s sampler 1980
7B50A Tektronix Plug-in 7B50A 100 MHz timebase 1976
7B53A Tektronix Plug-in 7B53A 100 MHz Dual Timebase 1973
7B80 Tektronix Plug-in 7B80 400 MHz timebase 1976
7B81P Tektronix Plug-in 7B81P programmable timebase (?)
7B85 Tektronix Plug-in 7B85 400 MHz delaying timebase 1976
7B87 Tektronix Plug-in 7B87 400 MHz time base for 7854 1981
7B90P Tektronix Plug-in 7B90P 400 MHz programmable timebase 1978
7S14 Tektronix Plug-in 7S14 1 GHz dual-trace, delayed-sweep sampler 1974
SC502 Tektronix Plug-in SC502 15 MHz dual-channel oscilloscope 1976
SC503 Tektronix Plug-in SC503 10 MHz dual-channel storage oscilloscope 1979
SC504 Tektronix Plug-in SC504 80 MHz dual-channel oscilloscope 1978