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Tektronix 7B87
400 MHz Timebase for 7854
Tektronix 7B87 Timebase plug-in

Compatible with 7000-series scopes

Produced from 1981 to 1986

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The Tektronix 7B87 is a 400 MHz time base plugin for 7000-series scopes. It is specifically designed to be used in the "B" Horizontal bay of the 7854 digital scope for which it provides a clock for single-sweep acquisition. Otherwise it is similar to the 7B85. It has no provision for X-Y mode.

When used in a scope other than the 7854, the 7B87 can be used as a delaying timebase even though the delay mode buttons are labeled differently.


Sweep 5 s/Div to 10 ns/Div in 1-2-5 sequence, ×10 magnifier down to 1 ns/Div, variable to ×2.5
Jitter 0.1 ns or less
Trigger sensitivity 0.3 Div to 50 MHz, 1.5 Div to 400 MHz