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Block diagram

The Tektronix M55D  (P/N 155-0216-00,155-0217-00) is a variable-gain transconductance amplifier monolithic integrated circuit in a 16-pin DIP, designed by Roy Hayes (and possibly Einar Traa, see data sheet).

It is a successor to the 155-0032-00 (M55 aka M055). The 155-0217-00 successor of the 155-0216-00 appears to have mostly identical data.

Data sheets

Used in

  • 335 Portable Oscilloscope
  • 475 Oscilloscope, as U520 in the Trigger Generator circuit.
  • 7D20 (A4U710, A4U740: 155-0216-00)
  • FG504 Function generator, as U770 in trigger pick-off