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Roy M Hayes (? – ?) designed the:

Hayes left Tektronix for HP Loveland in Jan 1971.

Products by Roy Hayes

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
3A3 Plug-in Dual trace differential amplifier plugin Roy Hayes 1964
3A8 Plug-in Operational amplifier Roy Hayes 1965
7A12 Plug-in 120 MHz dual channel amplifier Roy Hayes 1969

Components by Roy Hayes

Model Class Description Designers Used in
155-0032-00 Monolithic integrated circuit differential amplifier Roy Hayes 335 465 7A12 475 FG504

Patents by Roy Hayes

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3323070A US 3323070A Variable gain amplifier having constant frequency band pass Roy Hayes Tektronix Inc 1964-05-12 1967-05-30
Patent US 3423685A US 3423685A Bootstrapped cascode differential amplifier Roy Hayes Tektronix Inc 1964-08-27 1969-01-21
Patent US 3710179A US 3710179A Storage tube having transmission target with low differential cutoff Roy Hayes W Hayward Tektronix Inc 1971-09-14 1973-01-09