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Tektronix 3T6
Programmable Sampling Sweep
3T6 sweep unit

Compatible with 560-series scopes

Produced from 1969 to (?)

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The Tektronix Type 3T6 is a sampling plug-in for 560-series scopes. It is particularly suited, and programmable, when used in a 568.

In addition to the usual two 560-series connectors on the rear of the plug-in, the 3T6 has two extra connectors, J24 and P23. J24 is used for programming the 3T6. P23 is a coaxial feed (via a Gremar connector) of the trigger input signal. Both of these connectors mate with corresponding connectors in the 568.

The 3T6 contains a digital delay that controls the time between when the trigger event is recognized and when the sweep ramp is started. The purpose of this delay is the same as any delayed sweep: to zoom in on a region of a waveform that is not immediately after the trigger event. The digital delay in the 3T6 can be controlled by digital rotary switches on the front panel of the 3T6 or remotely, through the 568, via connector J24.

Mod 651C give 100 / 1000 samples/sweep switch. The original has 1 / 1000 samples/sweep switch. Later units appear to have the 100 / 1000 switch as standard.

The indicator lamps in the 'Time/Div' display can occasionally burn out. They can be replaced with 5V, 80mA, 2.5mm x 4.5mm, 'grain of wheat' style lamps.

Key Specifications

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Some Parts Used in the 3T6

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