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The Tektronix 560 series (50s, 60s, 70s, 2-series, and 3-series) plug-ins are used with 560-series scopes.

The earliest plug-ins for the 560 series of scopes were given numbers in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. These were either discontinued or renamed. Most went into the 2-series, but a few went into the 3-series. For example, the Type 60 became the 2A60, but the Type 72 became the 3A72. This happened at the same time that Tektronix changed the letter series plug-ins to the 1 series for their contemporary mainline scopes.

All later plug-in development for 560 series scopes went into 3-series plug-ins.

560 Series Vertical Amplifier Plug-Ins

560 Series Time Base Plug-Ins

560 Series Sampling Plug-Ins

560 Series Sampling Time Base Plug-Ins

560 Series Spectrum Analyzer Plug-Ins

560 Series TDR Plug-Ins

560 Series Diode Curve Tracer Plug-In

567 Digital Readout Plug-Ins

Vertical Amplifier Plug-Ins for the 506 Only

The 506 uses 9-Series vertical amplifier plugins in the left/vertical position and 2- or 3-Series Time Base plugins in the right/horizonal position.

560 Series Test, Calibration, & Customizing Plug-Ins


Third-Party Plug-Ins

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