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6080 (large tube, center right) in 585 power supply

The 6080  (European: ECC230) (P/N 154-0056-00, 154-0315-00) is a dual power triode tube with an octal base, often used as a regulator pass tube in power supplies.

Tek part number: 154-0056-00 (6080), 154-0315-00 (6080WA)

Key Specifications

Heater 6.3 V, 2.5 A
Plate dissipation max. 13 W (each system)
Anode voltage max. 250 V
Anode current max. 125 mA (each system)
Cathode-to-heater voltage max. ±300 V
Amplification factor (μ) 2
Transconductance 5800 μS