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Tektronix 536
11 MHz X–Y scope
Tektronix 536 front with Type G and Type T plug-ins

Produced from 1957 to 1973

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The Tektronix Type 536 is an X-Y scope introduced in 1957 that takes two letter-series and 1-series plug-ins, one for the horizontal axis and one for the vertical axis.

The Type 536 does not contain trigger and sweep circuitry. To use a 536 as a conventional oscilloscope, a Type T timebase plug-in can be installed in the Horizontal bay.

The 536 contains identical vertical and horizontal amplifiers, with a front panel control to set the two in phase. This allows an equal bandwidth of 11 MHz in both directions. It also has a special CRT (T5360) with equal bandwidths in both directions. Aside from the amplifiers, the only other circuitry in the entire scope are the power supplies and calibrator.

Key Specifications

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Some Parts Used in the 536

Page Class Description Used in
12BY7 Vacuum Tube (Pentode) miniature 6.5 W power pentode 106 531 533 535 536 541 543 535 545 545A 549 555
T5360 CRT CRT 536