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The Tektronix 317, introduced in 1959, is a monolithic 10 MHz scope similar to the 316, but with higher acceleration voltage (9 kV versus 1.8 kV) on the CRT. It was intended for use where a bright display is needed. There is also a rackmount version, the RM17.

The 317 initially used UHF connectors for the signal input and calibrator output; later units use BNC connectors.

Type 317 Mod 101 operates on 50 to 400 Hz power and uses a DC fan motor.


Deflection 0.1 V/div to 50 V/div, 1−2−5, and variable
Bandwidth DC to 10 MHz (50/20/10 mV/div AC only)
Rise time 35 ns
Input one channel, 1 MΩ // 38 pF input impedance
Sweep 200 ns/div to 2 s/div, 1−2−5, and variable
CRT T317 CRT (154-0346-00), 9 kV acceleration