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Tektronix AFG5102
programmable arbitrary/function generator
Tektronix AFG5102

Compatible with TM5000 system

Produced from 1993 to (?)

  • Manual needed
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The Tektronix AFG5102 is a programmable arbitrary/function generator plug-in for the TM5000 system. The plug-in is three compartments wide. It is very similar to the AWG5102 with added sweep capabilities.

The Tektronix AFG 5102/AFG5502 were introduced in the 1993 catalog. The AFG5502 is the same device in a mainframe of its own.


Frequency range Sine - 0.02 Hz to 20 MHz, Arbitrary, Square, Ramp, Triangle from 0.02  μHz to 20 MHz
Duty Cycle 10% to 90%
Output Max. 30 Vp-p (OC), 15 Vp-p (50 Ω)
Output Min. 15 mVp-p (50 Ω)
Squarewave Risetime <12 ns, 10% to 90% at full output amplitude
Sinewave Distortion ≤ 0.5 THD (RMS) 20 Hz to 100 KHz. 1.5V to 15.0V amplitude
Sweep linear, logarithmic or arbitrary sweep