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Tektronix CG5011
programmable calibration generator
Tektronix CG5011

Produced from 1990 to (?)

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The Tektronix CG5011 is a programmable calibration generator plug-in for the TM5000 system.

It is a source of calibrated timing signals, calibrated amplitude voltage and current waveforms, and pulses with low distortion edges, used to calibrate a wide range of oscilloscope parameters, either manually or as part of a GPIB controlled system.

The CG5011 occupies three slots in a TM5006 mainframe. It comes with a 015-0611-00 Programmable Pulse Head (required for operation) and a 015-0310-01 Comparator Head. The cable set p/n is 012-0884-00.

An optional 015-0309-01 variable remote control attaches through a LEMO S-series connector.

Key Specifications

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Test modes:

  • Vertical Gain
  • Horizontal Timing and Gain
  • Vertical Bandwidth/Pulse Response Characteristics
  • Probe Accuracy and Compensation
  • Current-Probe Accuracy
  • Calibrator-Output Accuracy

Option 01 adds a temperature compensated, 5 MHz crystal oscillator for a high accuracy time base.