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Tektronix AM5030
current probe amplifier
Tektronix AM5030

Produced from 1994 to (?)

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The Tektronix AM5030 is a current probe amplifier plug-in for the TM5000 system.

The current probe input is an Amphenol 165-12 connector. It contains pins for hall element and transformer connections, lock detection, probe degaussing, and probe type encoding.

The AM503, AM5030 and 11A16 use the same connector.

Key Specifications

Scope output 10 mV/Div
Compatible probes
  • A6302 (20/100 A, DC-50 MHz), A6302XL (20/100 A, DC-17 MHz)
  • A6312 (20/100 A, DC-100 MHz)
  • A6303 (100/500 A, DC-15 MHz), A6303XL (100/500 A, DC-10 MHz)
  • A6304XL (500/700 A, DC-2 MHz)
  • CT4 with A6302, A6302XL or A6312 (2000/20000 A)


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