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Tektronix A6303 aka P6303
5 MHz, 100 A current probe
Tektronix A6303 aka P6303

Compatible with AM503

Produced from 1978 to (?)


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The Tektronix A6303 aka P6303 is a 15 MHz, 100 A current probe.

It requires an AM503, AM5030 or 11A16 amplifier for operation. The Tektronix 067-0865-00 is a calibration fixture for the P6303.

Key Specifications

Bandwidth DC − 15 MHz
Rise time ≤23 ns
Input range 100 A continuous, 500 A peak, ≤10 kA · μs (with 11A16: 52.5 A continuous)

Derating: 200 Ap-p up to 20 kHz, down to 20 Ap-p at 20 MHz (see curve)

Sensitivity 10 mA/Div to 50 A/Div, 1−2−5 (with AM503)
Noise ≤3 mA (@ 100 MHz amplifier BW, 10 mA range, DC)



Unusual Transparent A6303