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The Tektronix AM503B is a current probe amplifier plug-in for the TM500 system.

The AM503B is an updated AM503A. It adds a third digit to the scale factor display and support for the A6304XL probe.

For further details, please see AM503A.

The AM5030 is a TM5000 plug-in that is nearly identical to the AM503B with the exception of an added GPIB daughter board.

Key Specifications

  • A6302, A6302XL, A6312: 1 mA/Div to 5 A/Div
  • A6303, A6303XL: 10 mA/Div to 50 A/Div
  • A6302: max. 20 A continuous, 50 A peak
  • A6303: max. 100 A continuous, 500 A peak
  • A6304XL: max. 500 A continuous, 700 A peak
Output Into 50 Ω Scope, Input Set to 10 mV/div
Compatible probes
  • A6302 (20/100 A, DC-50 MHz), A6302XL (20/100 A, DC-17 MHz)
  • A6312 (20/100 A, DC-100 MHz)
  • A6303 (100/500 A, DC-15 MHz), A6303XL (100/500 A, DC-10 MHz)
  • A6304XL (500/700 A, DC-2 MHz)
  • CT4 with A6302, A6302XL or A6312 (2000/20000 A)


Documents Referencing AM503B


Some Parts Used in the AM503B

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
165-2456-00 165-2456-00 Hybrid integrated circuit amplifier AM503A AM503B