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NB: Links in red indicate missing files (not uploaded yet). If you have a scan of that particular manual, please upload or contact the admin (see bottom of Main Page).

Document Manual Title
050-0471-00.pdf (?) Modification 576 High Voltage Transformer Replacement
050-0479-01.pdf (?) Modification 544/546/547/556 Disconnect Diode Replacement
050-0550-00.pdf (?) Modification 7403/7603 U741 HV Multiplier Replacement
050-0551-00.pdf (?) Modification ?
050-0582-00.pdf (?) Modification 3B1/3B3 Germanium Transistor Replacement
050-0650-00.pdf (?) Modification 7834/7844/7904/7912 Vertical HF Amplifier Replacement
050-0651-01.pdf (?) Modification 7844/7904/7912 Vertical Output IC Replacement
050-0706-01.pdf (?) Modification 7844/7904/7912 U745 Replacement
050-1014-00.pdf (?) Modification 7834/7904/7912 Vertical Output Microcircuit Replacement
050-1077-00.pdf (?) Modification TM500 system Plug-in Latch Assembly Replacement
050-1171-00.pdf (?) Modification SC502 Q855 Replacement
050-1601-01.pdf (?) Modification SC502/SC504 V800R or V1000 Replacement
050-1656-00.pdf (?) Modification SC502 U595 Replacement
050-2180-06.pdf (?) Modification 2445A/2455A/2465A/2467 U2160/U2260 replacement
050-2239-03.pdf (?) Modification 2220/2221/2230 Q935/Q946/Q947/Q9070 Replacement
050-2240-03.pdf (?) Modification 2236 (SN B010100-B019719) Q935/Q946/Q947/Q9070 Replacement
050-2241-00.pdf (?) Modification 2245/2246 Q2201/Q2209/Q2210/Q2206 Replacement
050-2242-03.pdf (?) Modification 2213/2215/2235/2236 Q935/Q946/Q947/Q9070 Replacement
050-2282-02.pdf (?) Modification 2245/2246 Vertical & Horizontal Preamp and Schmitt Trigger Replacement
050-2296-01.pdf (?) Modification 2245/2246 Schmitt Trigger Replacement
050-2627-04.pdf (?) Modification 2220/2221/2224/2230/2232 Fan Replacement
050-3109-02.pdf (?) Modification A6302 Transformer Replacement Kit