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The 2467 and 2467B are the same as the 2465A, except that the 2465A uses a conventional CRT while the 2467 and 2467B use a micro-channel plate CRT that enables bright traces at fast sweep rates, particularly with one-shot or low repetition rate signals.
The 2567BHD variant is identical to the 2467B with the addition of Options 5H and 06 included.

The 2467 is from the penultimate generation of analog Tektronix scopes.

The horizontal amplifier was designed by Art Metz and Ken Schlotzhauer. Art Metz also worked on the triggers. Art Metz and Walt Ainsworth designed the sweeps.

Key Specifications

Bandwidth 350 MHz (2467B: 400 MHz)
Sweep Rate 500 ps/div
Channels Four independent channels
Vertical 2 mV/div vertical sensitivity
Cursors Delta Volts and Delta Time Cursors
CRT Readout Scale Factors, Trigger Level, Voltage, Time, Frequency, Phase and Ratio Measurements and Mode Indicators
Trigger 500 MHz min.; Advanced Triggering with "Hands Off" Auto Level Triggering
Input Impedance 50 Ω/1 MΩ inputs with 50 Ω protection
Probes Two or four P6136 ×10 probes, 1.3 m

ROM Images


  • Option 01 - (DMM) added a 4½-digit, fully autoranging digital multimeter which measures DC and AC voltage and current, resistance, dBV, dBm, continuity, and temperature.
  • Option 05 - (TV) added TV (back-porch) clamp circuitry to the Channel 2 input and TV trigger coupling modes, allowing selection of either horizontal or vertical sync pulses to obtain horizontal-line-sync or field-sync pulse triggering.
  • Option 05H - High-definition Television (As above but supports HDTV) - 2467B only
  • Option 06 - (Counter/Timer/Trigger) allows precision time-interval measurement, event and frequency counting, delay-by-events triggering, and logic triggering.
  • Option 09 - Add option 06, the CTT, plus a 17-bit P6407 word recognizer probe.
  • Option 10 - Add a GPIB interface for remote control.
  • Option 11 - Add two probe-power connectors on the rear panel of the instrument. Only shown in the 1987 catalogue.
  • Option 1R - Shipped with a 19" rack mount kit fitted.
  • For accessories, see 2467/Accessories.



Documents Referencing 2467


Some Parts Used in the 2467

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
155-0237-00 155-0237-00 Hybrid integrated circuit vertical output amplifier 2445 2465 2466 2467
155-0238-00 155-0238-00 Hybrid integrated circuit preamplifier 11302A 2424L 2430 2430A 2432 2445 2465 2466 2467
155-0241-02 155-0241-01 155-0241-02 Monolithic integrated circuit horizontal output stage 2445 2465 2466 2467 11302A
155-0244-00 155-0244-00 Monolithic integrated circuit display sequencer 2445 2465 2466 2467
165-2235-03 165-2235-03 Hybrid integrated circuit preamplifier 2215 2252 2445 2465 2467

Some Parts Used in the 2467B

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
155-0242-00 155-0242-00 155-0242-01 Hybrid integrated circuit Z-axis amplifier and autofocus 2215 2252 2440 2445 2445B 2465 2465B 2467B