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Tektronix 11302
500 MHz analog micro-channel scope
Tek 11302

Produced from 1986 to 1990

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The Tektronix 11302 is a 500 MHz analog oscilloscope with a micro-channel plate CRT that can operate with 11000-series plug-ins or 7000-series plug-ins. Note, however, that the 7000 series plugins have mechanical interlock preventing them from being installed into an 11K mainframe. The 11302 includes a 500 MHz (11302A: 750 MHz) counter/timer.

Except for the MCP CRT, the 11302 is basically the same as the 400 MHz 11301.

The 11302A version increased external counter input bandwidth to 750 MHz and added a readout mode button.

The 11302 contains a 77 nanosecond delay line.

Full calibration of an 11302 requires the use of the TEKCATS software.

The 11301 and 11302 make use of a patented system for automatically calibrating all the way to the graticule (i.e., including CRT deflection sensitivity) by optically sensing the position of the beam with respect to the graticule and applying any necessary correction factors. This is discussed in the patent and also on page 9 of the Handshake article linked below which states:

Optical sensors on the CRT bezel sense when the beam crosses the graticule lines to factor this information into the auto cal control signals. As a result, accuracy of the 11300-Series is controlled from the plug-in input connector to the CRT graticule without operator intervention.

Key Specifications

Bandwidth 500 MHz
Sweep 5 ns/Div to 500 ms/Div, 1-2-5, ×10 magnifier
(same specs for delayed time base)
Triggering 0.35 Div (int) or 20 mV (ext) to 50 MHz, increasing to 1 Div/150 mV at max. bandwidth
Trigger modes DC, AC (>50 Hz), HF Reject (<30 kHz), LF reject (>80 kHz), TV (line or field)
X-Y operation X from center plugin, bandwidth 3 MHz
X-Y phase difference <1° to 1 MHz, <3° to 2 MHz
  • gated internal counter (500 MHz bandwidth internal and external)
  • internal measurements (RMS, p-p, mean, ...)
  • cursors
Weight 44 pounds (20 kg)
Power consumption 240 W max


Documents Referencing 11302

Document Class Title Authors Year Links
Handshake 1986-1987 Winter.pdf Article 11300-Series extends the usefulness of analog scopes Dale Aufrecht 1986

Documents Referencing 11302A


Year 1987 (11302) 1990 (11302A)
Catalog price $12,950 $14,500
In 2023 Dollars $35,100 $34,100



Some Parts Used in the 11302

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
165-2053-00 165-2053-00 Hybrid integrated circuit vertical amplifier 11301 11302
M229 Monolithic integrated circuit input/output 11301 11302
M414 Monolithic integrated circuit counter 11301 11302

Some Parts Used in the 11302A

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
155-0238-00 155-0238-00 Hybrid integrated circuit preamplifier 11302A 2424L 2430 2430A 2432 2445 2465 2466 2467
155-0240-00 155-0240-00 Hybrid integrated circuit sweep 2400-series scopes 2445 2465 11302A SCD1000
155-0241-02 155-0241-01 155-0241-02 Monolithic integrated circuit horizontal output stage 2445 2465 2466 2467 11302A