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Tektronix 021-0374-00 GPIB Decoder
GPIB interface
021-0374-00 front

Compatible with 7000-series scopes

Produced from 1986 to (?)

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The Tektronix 021-0374-00 GPIB Decoder is a 7000-series plug-in designed to allow GPIB control of 7A16P or 7A29P programmable amplifiers and/or a 7B90P programmable time base module in a 7854 mainframe. (The manual warns that of all 7000 series mainframes, only the 7854 has adequate +5 V supply capacity.)

The -P type plugins were originally designed for the 7000 series digitizers like the 7912AD that have a built-in GPIB interface.

The 021-0374-00 replicates the functions of that interface, receiving commands from GPIB and translating them to the internal serial format expected by the plugins. It is based on a Motorola 6802 microcontroller and a TMS9914 GPIB interface chip.

The interface must be installed in the left horizontal (A timebase) bay. It addresses left vertical, right vertical and right horizontal plugins through GPIB sub-addresses 1, 2 and 3, respectively. Data connections from the 021-0374-00 the plugins require flat cables because the relevant bus lines are n/c on the 7854 backplane.



Mounting Procedure

Location of electrical components

Mechanical components

Firmware (uploaded BIN files)

Part number Location Used in
160-3533-00.bin (?) U4060 up to #B010190
160-3533-01.bin (?) U4060 #B010191 and newer