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Tektronix PS5010
programmable triple power supply
Tektronix PS5010

Produced from 1982 to 1995

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The Tektronix PS5010 is a programmable triple power supply plug-in for the TM5000 system. All supplies allow to set individual current limits, however no means to display the currents drawn by the loads is provided. The outputs can also be routed to the TM5000 Series plug-in interface by means of a switch at the rear of the unit. If the rear outputs are selected the unit can be used with external sense.

Key Specifications

Logic Supply 4.5–5.5 V, 3 A, grounded
Floating Supply Voltage Range 0–32 V, Independent or Tracking
Floating Supply Current Handling
  • In high power compartment: 0–15 V 1.6 A / 15–32 V 0.75 A
  • In standard compartment: 0–15 V 0.75 A / 15–32 V 0.4 A