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Tektronix DM5010
programmable 4½-digit multimeter
Tektronix DM5010

Produced from 1982 to (?)

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The Tektronix DM5010 is a programmable 4½-digit multimeter plug-in for the TM5000 system.

Key Specifications

Voltage ranges 200 mV to 2000 V in decade steps (max. 1000 VDC/700 VAC)
Resistance ranges 200 Ω to 20 MΩ in decade steps
Diode Test 2 V
  • Rear and Front Inputs (rear inputs lack guard terminal)
  • Internal mathematical programs including averaging, offset and scaling, dB conversion, Hi/Lo/Pass comparison
  • Constants for calculations can be entered through the keypad or via GPIB

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