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The Tektronix 11A32 is a 400 MHz dual-channel amplifier plug-in for 11000-series scopes. It uses the M377 amplifier chip. The fine steps between the deflection ranges are calibrated in 1% increments.

The 11A32 uses the same firmware as the 11A34.


Bandwidth DC to 400 MHz plus 100 MHz and 20 MHz BWL filters
Number of Inputs 2
Rise time 875 ps in 1 GHz mainframe such as the 11402, 11402A, 11403, 11403A, DSA601A, or DSA602A
Deflection 1 mV to 10V per division in 1% calibrated steps
Input impedance 50 Ω or 1 MΩ
  • High-Resolution Calibrated DC Offset
  • Fast Overdrive Recovery
  • 50 Ω mode 5V RMS overload protected with manual reset


The 11A32 uses an 8052 microcontroller and a DS1120 NVRAM. It contains an ACVS sample and hold module.