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The Tektronix 11A52 is a 600 MHz dual-channel plug-in for 11000-series and DSA600-series scopes. It has Tekprobe BNC connector inputs.

Key Specifications

Bandwidth DC to 600 MHz plus 100 MHz and 20 MHz BWL filters
Number of Inputs 2
Rise time 580 ps in 1 GHz mainframe such as the 11402, 11402A. 11403, 11403A, DSA601A, or DSA602A
Deflection 1 mV to 10V per division in 1% calibrated steps
Input impedance 50 Ω
  • High-Resolution Calibrated DC Offset
  • Fast Overdrive Recovery
  • Input 5V RMS overload protected with manual reset


It uses custom Tek chips including the 155-0076-00 (M94 overload detector) and M377 amplifier chip.

In the 11A52, the digital output of the M94 overload detectors (one per channel) are received by the microprocessor. If overload is detected, software running in the microprocessor switches the input relay to remove the signal from the 50 Ω attenuator. This is in contrast to the 485, where the M94 directly controls the input relay.

During the 11A52's self-check, the M94 IC for each channel is tested. An analog switch injects test currents, positive and negative, into the summing junction at the input of each M94. The outputs are checked by the self-check software routine.



Custom ICs used in the 11A52

Page Class Manufacturer Model Part nos Description Designers Used in
155-0076-00 Monolithic integrated circuit Tektronix M94 155-0076-00 input protection and probe logic John Addis Wink Gross 465 485 7A29 7A29P 11A52 11A71 11A72 SCD1000
M377 Monolithic integrated circuit Tektronix M377 amplifier John Addis 11A16 11A32 11A33 11A34 11A52 TDS410 TDS420 TDS460 TDS520D TDS540D TDS580D TDS680C TDS684C TDS714L TDS724D TDS754D TDS784D