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Tektronix TDS724
2+2 channel 500 MHz, 2 GS/s digital scope

Produced from 1996 to (?)






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The Tektronix TDS724 is a 2 channel 500 MHz, 2 GS/s digital storage scope with a color screen.

Two-plus-two channel operation allows up to two of the four channels to be displayed simultaneously. Channels not displayed can be used to couple a triggering signal to the oscilloscope.

Key Specifications

Bandwidth 500 MHz
Sample rate 1 or 2 channels @ 2 GS/s
Channels 2 + 2
Deflection 1 mV to 10 V/div with calibrated fine adjustment
Resolution 8 bit
Time Base Range 500 ps to 10 s/div
Record length
  • Base model – 50k samples per channel
  • 1M Option – 500 K points on 1 channel; 250 k points on 2 channels ; 130 k points on 3 or 4 channels
  • 2M Option – 8 M points on 1 channel; 4 M points on 2 channels ; 2 M points on 3 or 4 channels
Acquisition modes sample, envelope, average, high-resolution, peak-detect
Display Color; Zoom
Trigger modes Edge, logic, pulse; Video trigger with option 05 (NTSC, SECAM, PAL, HDTV, and FlexFormat)
Storage 1.44 Mbyte, 3.5 inch, DOS 3.3-or-later floppy disk. NVRAM storage for saving waveforms, hardcopies, and setups. Units with option HD present (requires additional hardware) have a hard disk drive
I/O Full GPIB programmability
Hardcopy Using GPIB, RS-232, or Centronics ports



See the Repairs page regarding HDD/FDD replacements.



Some Parts Used in the TDS724A

Some Parts Used in the TDS724C

Some Parts Used in the TDS724D

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
M377 165-2129-03 165-2089-06 155-2089-05 Monolithic integrated circuit amplifier 11A16 11A32 11A33 11A34 11A52 2245 2245A 2247 2247A 2252 TDS410 TDS420 TDS460 TDS520D TDS540D TDS580D TDS680C TDS684C TDS714L TDS724D TDS754D TDS784D