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This is a list of freely available 3D models for mechanical replacement parts.

Please add your own models to share with the community!

Part number Model File Description Used in
105-0286-00 105-0286-00_3D.zip Latch for programming lid 172
200-2503-00, 200-2504-00 Cartridge(4).zip Cartridge Case for 1200 series ROM packs ROM Packs
348-0075-00 348-0075-00_3D.zip Rear Foot 106, 114, 115, 184, 191, 284, 067-0502-00, 067-0502-01, 067-0570-01, 067-0596-00, 067-0650-00
351-0449-00 351-0449-00.stl.zip PCB Bracket used in FG504 et al. FG504, other TM500 modules.
? Thingiverse link BNC Twist on holding nut with readout pin hole many probes, e.g. P6105