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Tektronix 464
Portable 100 MHz dual-trace storage scope
Tektronix 464 front

Produced from 1975 to 1985

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The Tektronix 464 is a portable 100 MHz dual-trace CRT storage scope with dual time bases. It is a lower cost version of the 466, with a slower writing speed and without the reduced scan feature. The 464 has a linear power supply.

The optional DM44 multimeter attaches to the top of the instrument.


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The vertical signal path of the 464 starts with a rotary cam-operated compensated attenuator. Next is a source-follower made with a 2N5911 dual JFET, part number 151-1032-00. Next is a discrete BJT-based preamp followed by diode-based channel switching and delay driver. The final vertical amplifier, U464, is the 155-0155-00. The 155-0077-01 is listed as an alternative part for U464.

Triggering in the 464 is done using STD704 4.7 mA 18 pF tunnel diodes, part number 152-0125-00 or 152-0125-01. The trigger amplifier is made of discrete BJTs and a 155-0032-01 amplifier IC, presumably an improved version of the 155-0032-00.

The horizontal amplifier is made of discrete BJTs.

Serial numbers B010100 through B079999 use the 154-0722-00 CRT. Serial numbers B080000 and up use the 154-0749-00 CRT.