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Tektronix 603
2 MHz X/Y Storage Monitor
Tektronix 603A

Produced from 1971 to 1981

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The Tektronix 603 is an X-Y monitor with a 6½" bistable storage tube and 2 MHz bandwidth. It has differential X/Y/Z inputs with BNC connectors. Storage modes are controlled by TTL compatible inputs.

The 604 sister model is similar but with a non-storage tube.


Deflection is adjustable from 50—250 mV/Div, or up to 1.25 V/Div with an internal 5:1 attenuator.
CRT 603: 154-0634-01, P31 phosphor
CRT 603A Opt.1: 154-0634-10 internal scale
CRT 603A Opt.2: 154-0634-03
CRT 603A Opt.12: 154-0634-12 internal scale

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