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Tektronix 1M1
Calibration plug-in
Tektronix 1M1

Compatible with 500-series scopes

Produced from 1964 to (?)

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The Tektronix TU-7/1M1/067-0521-00 is a letter series plug-in used for calibrating 500-series scopes.

It is a multifunction replacement for the Type P Pulser, the TU-2 Test Load, and the EP-53 Gain Set Adaptor.

It is used for calibrating the mainframe's step response and gain, checking dual-trace operation, common mode rejection, and power supply regulation.

(500-series mainframes are designed to have 10 div/Volt response to differential signals from the plug-in, and zero response to common-mode signals.)

It contains a transistor multivibrator whose output is sharpened through Tektronix-made Gallium-Arsenide diodes (later production used silicon), a dual-trace circuit using 12AT7 and 6AL5 tubes, and various load resistors. It does not have the Type P's short operating life because it does not use a mercury switch.

This instrument went through several names. At its 1964 introduction, it was the TU-7. Some early Tektronix internal instruments for design, manufacturing, and calibration had TU (Test Unit) nomenclature. (Other examples include the TU-75B Variac, and the TU-50 sine/square/pulse generator.)

In 1965, it was renamed Type 1M1 to fit into the letter-series nomenclature. Later still, the 067- calibration fixture naming system took hold and it was rechristened 067-0521-00.

The instrument was also revised once - more pulse frequencies - and the name upgraded to 067-0521-01.

It does not appear - under any name - in any Tektronix catalog, but the 1964 catalog does list a cousin: Type 10/11M1, for the Type 647 scope.




Some Parts Used in the 1M1

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
12AT7 154-0039-00 Vacuum Tube (Dual Triode) dual high-gain triode 161 180 310 310A 315 316 360 502 502A 511A 512 513 513D 514 514AD 514D 516 524 529 RM529 544 546 547 556 565 570 3A2 75 3A75 1M1 A B C G H K L ML M N K R S Z
6AL5 154-016 154-0016-00 154-0038-00 Vacuum Tube (Dual Diode) high-perveance dual diode 163 181 190 1M1 310 310A 315 316 317 3B1 3B1S 3B2 3B3 3B5 502 502A 503 511 511A 512 516 517 517A 524 526 535 535A 545 545A 549 551 565 570 581 581A 585 585A C T Telequipment D56 Telequipment S52