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Tektronix 4014
Graphics terminal
Tektronix 4014

Produced from 1974 to (?)

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The Tektronix 4014 is a graphics terminal Introduced in 1974, based on a 19" direct-view storage tube displaying vectors. Resolution is 1k×1k (1024×768 visible) addressable points in the standard model, or 4k×4k (4096×3120 viewable) with the optional Enhanced Graphics Module. The 4014-1 adds an interface for a hardcopy unit. The 4015 is essentially the same as the 4014 but adds the APL character set card from the 4013.

As in earlier terminals, the bulk of the 4014's circuitry is still contained in the integral pedestal. A desk-mounting option allowed the display/keyboard case to be placed on a desk, up to 10 feet away from the pedestal.

The 4014 sub-series (4014, 4015, 4016) added a number of features on top of the 4010's capabilities which made them very popular in CAD applications. Some of the improvements reduce the number of characters to be sent to the terminal, improving writing speed. Another addition was a "defocussed mode" which drew at reduced intensity by making the beam slightly wider and spreading the energy out over a wider area.

Earlier models were already able to draw a cursor in "dark mode" (with reduced beam intensity) so that while the beam can be seen, a stored image does not result. This mode became user-selectable in the 4014 sub-series as "Write-thru mode", making it possible to draw movable objects, although at the cost of having to continually refresh them in order to avoid flicker. This could be used, for instance, by drawing a moving indicator needle on top of a stored image of a gauge and scale markers.

With the Enhanced Graphics Module (EGM) installed, 12-bit addressing became available, increasing resolution to 4096×4096 (4096×3120 visible). In addition, the EGM included circuity that periodically interrupted the beam as it was drawing a vector, allowing the creation of dotted, dash-dotted, short- and long-dashed lines in addition to solid lines.

Other members of the 4010 family include the eponymous 11" 4010 (1972), the 11" 4012/4013 (1973), and the 25" 4016 (1979).

Project Engineer for the 4014 was Chuck Forsberg.

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  • 4014: $8,450 in 1974 (~$48,600 in 2022 dollars)


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