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Tek 107 front1.jpg

The Tektronix 107 is a squarewave generator introduced in 1958. It is designed to provide a clean waveform with fast edges and flat tops for the calibration of oscilloscopes.


Output rectangular waveform, 100−500 mVp-p (variable) into 50 Ω
Rise time less than 3 ns (fixed) when terminated into 50 Ω
Repetition rate 400 kHz to 1 MHz (variable, uncalibrated)
Weight 5.9 kg (13 pounds)
Power 100 W



The signal path starts with an astable multivibrator composed of both halves of a 6BQ7A dual triode tube. The multivibrator circuit is cathode coupled to a pulse shaping circuit, and then to an output stage made from a single 6AU6 tube with a 50 Ω plate load, providing a controlled 50 Ω output impedance. The 50 Ω plate load keeps the voltage gain of output stage low, and the bandwidth high.