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Tektronix 7B15
1 GHz delaying timebase

Compatible with 7000-series scopes

Produced from 1978 to 1990

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The Tektronix 7B15 is a 1 GHz delaying time base for 7000-series scopes, in particular, the 1 GHz 7104 (typically used with 7A29 vertical amplifiers and a 7B10 delayed time base).

The 7B15 provides digital readout of delay and delta times. In effect, the 7B15/7B10 pair are speed-improved versions of the 7B85/7B80.

Key Specifications

Sweep 200 ms/Div to 2 ns/Div in 1−2−5 sequence, ×10 magnifier down to 200 ps/Div, variable to ×2.5
Triggering to 1 GHz
Jitter less than 30 ps at 1 GHz
  • Digital read-out of delay and delta times
  • Variable Trigger Holdoff
  • HF Sync mode


Documents Referencing 7B15

Document Class Title Authors Year Links
Technology report oct 1979.pdf Article Patent Received: 4,109,182 Simultaneous Delayed Sweep Display Oliver Dalton 1979
Tekscope 1979 V11 N1.pdf Article 1 GHz at 1 mV in a General Purpose Plug-in Oscilloscope Hans Springer 1979


A ramp generator is started when the trigger signal arrives. The delayed sweep is started when a comparator detects that the ramp has reached a control voltage, set by the front panel knobs. The control voltage is therefore proportional to the amount of delay and is measured using a 155-0185-00 4-digit DVM circuit, then displayed on the oscilloscope readout. The display, scaled in seconds, provides the operator with a precise readout of the delay.

Other custom Tek ICs used: 155-0150-00 trigger detector, 155-0160-00 trigger amplifier.

The 7B15 uses the +50 V supply provided by the mainframe.


Year 1980 1985 1990
Catalog price $1,695 $2,695 $3,300
In 2023 Dollars $6,300 $7,700 $7,800



Some Parts Used in the 7B15

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
151-1036-00 151-1036-00 Discrete component dual n-channel JFET 4701 7B15
155-0049-00 155-0049-00 155-0049-01 155-0049-02 Monolithic integrated circuit sweep control with lockout 335 464 465 466 475 475A 475M 485 5B31 5B40 5B52 5B42 5B44 7B53A 7B80 7B85 7B87 7B92A 7B90P 7B10 7B15 SC502 7B42N AN/USM-281C 067-0657-00
155-0149-00 155-0149-00 Monolithic integrated circuit sweep control 7B10 7B15
155-0150-00 155-0150-00 Hybrid integrated circuit trigger detector 7904A 7104 7B10 7B15 7B92A SCD1000
155-0160-00 155-0160-00 Monolithic integrated circuit 1.5 GHz trigger amplifier and source select 7B10 7B15 067-0587-02 067-0587-10
155-0185-00 155-0185-00 Monolithic integrated circuit four-digit Counter, latch and D/A converter/DVM 7B15 7B85 7B87