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Tektronix 7B10
1 GHz timebase
Tektronix 7B10 front

Compatible with 7000-series scopes

Produced from 1978 to 1990


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The Tektronix 7B10 is a 1 GHz time base for 7000-series scopes, in particular, the 1 GHz 7104 (typically used with 7A29 vertical amplifiers and a 7B15 delaying time base).

In effect, the 7B15/7B10 pair are improved-speed versions of the 7B85/7B80.


Sweep 200 ms/Div to 2 ns/Div in 1−2−5 sequence, ×10 magnifier down to 200 ps/Div, variable to ×2.5
Excluded portions of sweep None in 7104/R7103, first 5 ns in 78xx, 79xx mainframes
Trigger sensitivity 0.5 Div (int) or 50 mV (ext) up to 250 MHz, 1.5 Div or 150 mV from 250 MHz to 1 GHz; HF SYNC mode: 0.3 Div or 75 mV, 250 MHz to 1 GHz
Trigger coupling DC, AC (>30 Hz), AC HF REJ (30 Hz to 30 kHz), AC LF REJ (>50 kHz)
Trigger input 50 Ω, max. 1 W average or 1 MΩ // 20 pF, max. 250 V DC+peak AC
Jitter less than 30 ps at 1 GHz
  • Variable Trigger Holdoff
  • HF Sync mode


The trigger amplifier and switch function is performed by a 155-0160-00. The trigger is the 155-0150-00. Sweep control and lockout is performed by a 155-0149-00 or 155-0049-02.



Custom ICs used in the 7B10

Page Class Manufacturer Model Part nos Description Designers Used in
155-0049-00 Monolithic integrated circuit Tektronix M079G 155-0049-02 sweep control with lockout Bill DeVey 335 464 465 466 475 485 4851 4852 5B31 5B40 5B52 5B42 5B44 7B53A 7B80 7B85 7B87 7B92A 7B90P 7B10 7B15 SC502 7B42N
155-0149-00 Monolithic integrated circuit Tektronix 155-0149-00 155-0149-00 sweep control 7B10 7B15
155-0150-00 Hybrid integrated circuit Tektronix H473 155-0150-00 trigger detector circuit Art Metz 7B92A 7B10 7B15 7904A 7104 SCD1000
155-0160-00 Monolithic integrated circuit Tektronix M136 155-0160-00 1.5 GHz trigger amplifier and source select Art Metz 7B10 7B15 067-0587-02 067-0587-10