Introduction to the 7000-Series

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In August of 1969, Tektronix issued a supplement catalog featuring a new series of instruments, called the 7000 Series.

Howard Vollum himself wrote the introduction message on page 1 of this supplement, where he presented the 7000 series as a replacement to the 500 scope series, emphasizing the necessity to switch to a new platform for modular high-end scopes due to the limitations of the original 500 series platform designed in 1953. According to Vollum, $28 million were spent in two years to develop the initial components and products of the 7000 series.

While the original 7504 and 7704 mainframes introduced in 1969 were short-lived, the series lasted until the early 1990s, with some of the original 13 plug-ins like the 7A22 or the 7S11 remaining in production throughout.

Common features of 7000-series scopes

7000 series functional color code

Mode Selection
Trigger Source or Control
Uncalibrated Variable
Denotes functional relation