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Tektronix PS503
triple power supply
Tektronix PS503

Compatible with TM500 system

Produced from 1972 to 1995

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The Tektronix PS503 is a triple power supply plug-in for the TM500 system.

It supplies 0 to −20 V and 0 to +20 V at 0.4 A as well as +5 V at 1 A.

The PS503A version delivers +/- 20 V at 1 A when used in TM500 high-power compartments.

The variable supplies can be adjusted independently or can track one another, and are floating; the 5 V output is ground referenced.


     — Variable outputs
Output voltage 0 to +20 V and 0 to −20 V
Current limit <100 mA to >1 A (0.4 A for original PS503 or if used in low power compartment)
Ripple and noise <3 mVp-p @ 1 A
     — Fixed output
Output voltage3 5 V ±5%, 1 A (ground referenced)
Current limit fixed 1 A
Ripple and noise <3 mVp-p @ 1 A

Rear interface signals

  • +20 V output (22A)
  • −20 V output (22B)
  • ±20 V common (24A, 24B)

(the connections below require various jumper changes in the PS503 as described in the manual)

  • Remote resistor programming (via 25A, 25B)
  • Remote voltage programming (via 25A, 25B)
  • Remote sensing (+Sense 23A, −Sense 23B)