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Tektronix TG501
time mark generator
Tektronix TG501

Produced from 1974 to 1995

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The Tektronix TG501 is a time mark generator plug-in for the TM500 system.

There is also a TG501A.

Note the output must be terminated into 50 Ω or there may be no signal at all.


Interval 1 ns to 5 s in 1−2−5 sequence
Timing accuracy Stability 1×10-5, long-term drift 1×10-5 per month (with Option 1, 5×10-7 / 1×10-7 per month)
Error Readout Accuracy 1 digit (±0.1% points), Range to ±7.5%
Amplitude ≥1 V peak on 5 s through 10 ns; ≥750 mVp-p on 5 ns and 2 ns; ≥200 mVp-p on 1 ns (separate output) (all into 50 Ω)
Trigger Output Slaved to marker output from 5 s through 100 ns. Remains at 100 ns for all faster markers
External Reference Input 1 MHz, 5 MHz or 10 MHz; TTL compatible (internally hard wired so output frequencies counted down to 1 MHz)