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Tektronix AM501
5 MHz operational amplifier
Tektronix AM501

Produced from 1974 to (?)

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The Tektronix AM501 is a 5 MHz operational amplifier plug-in for the TM500 system.

Also available was the accessory AM501 Auxiliary Circuit Board Kit, Part number: 013-0146-00, described as

The AM501 Auxiliary Circuit Board Kit attaches to the input and output terminals on the front of the AM501 Amplifier. The kit is a PC board has six terminal studs for attachment to the amplifier's banana jacks and is approximately 2.5-inches square. This permits the designer to build a circuit of resistors, capacitors, and other components for use in conjunction with the AM 501's input, output, or feedback circuits. With several boards, the AM 501 Op Amp circuit can be changed instantly in configuration from integrator to differentiator to amplifier.
An additional advantage of the kit is that it does not interfere with the other connectors on the face of the AM501.

Key Specifications

Unity-gain bandwidth >5 MHz into an 800 Ω load
Open-loop gain >10000 into an 800 Ω load
CMRR >10000:1 at 60 Hz
Common-mode input range ±40 V
Maximum input 80 V max. safe differential
Slew Rate >50 V/μs into an 800 Ω load
Output voltage > ±40 V
Output current > ±50 mA

Rear Interface

Connector Pin Signal
28A Signal output (common on 27A)
24B + Input (common on 25B)
21B – Input (common on 22B)

Note: None of these connections are factory wired, there are only solder pads for A21–A28 and B21–B28.


Documents Referencing AM501

Document Class Title Authors Year Links
070-2088-00.pdf Book TM500 Series Rear Interface Data Book 1975
070-2088-01.pdf Book TM500 Series Rear Interface Data Book 1976


The amplifier is a discrete FET-input design using some dual transistors. The power supply stacks the two floating 25 V windings on top of the ±33 V supplies and regulates the resulting ±67 V down to ±50 V using two 741 opamps and pass transistors.



Some Parts Used in the AM501

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
151-0261-00 151-0261-00 Discrete component dual PNP transistor AM501 AM502 CG5001 CG551AP FG501 FG502 FG503 OF150 OF151 OF152 OF235 OS261 RM502A R1140 R5030 R5031 R7912 067-0679-00 067-0807-00 1101 1140A 1141 1142 1350 145 1450 1480 1481 1482 1485 1501 1801 1900 1910 1980 213 26A1 26A2 2620 285 3A9 3A10 3S1 3S2 3S5 3S6 432 434 4501 454 4601 4602 4610 4612 4620 4632 4634 4701 475 492 492A 492AP 494 494P 496 496P 5A13N 5A20N 5A21N 5A22N 5A26 5L4N 502A 5030 5031 576 690SR 7A22 7A29 7B51 7B71 7J20 7L5 7S11 7S12 7912AD