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Tektronix AM501
5 MHz operational amplifier
Tektronix AM501

Produced from 1974 to (?)

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The Tektronix AM501 is a 5 MHz operational amplifier plug-in for the TM500 system.

Also available was the accessory "AM501 Auxiliary Circuit Board Kit', Part number: 013-0146-00, described as

The AM501 Auxiliary Circuit Board Kit attaches to the input and output terminals on the front of the AM501 Amplifier. The kit is a PC board has six terminal studs for attachment to the amplifier's banana jacks and is approximately 2.5-inches square. This permits the designer to build a circuit of resistors, capacitors, and other components for use in conjunction with the AM 501's input, output, or feedback circuits. With several boards, the AM 501 Op Amp circuit can be changed instantly in configuration from integrator to differentiator to amplifier.
An additional advantage of the kit is that it does not interfere with the other connectors on the face of the AM501.


Open Loop Gain >10000 into an 800 Ω load
Common Mode Rejection Ratio >10000:1 at 60 Hz
Unity Gain Bandwidth >5 MHz into an 800 Ω load
Common Mode Input Voltage Range ±40 V
Maximum Safe Differential Input Volatage 80 V
Slew Rate > 50 V/μs into an 800 Ω load
Output Voltage Range > ±40 V
Output Current > ±50 mA