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Tektronix 4107
13" color graphics terminal
Tektronix 4107

Produced from 1983 to (?)

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The Tektronix 4107 is a 640x480 resolution 13" color graphics terminal introduced at the Hannover Faire in Germany in April 1983 for $6950 ($19,050 in 2021 dollars).

It was part of the "Unicorn" program initiated to deliver a family of low-cost color graphics terminals to the market in 18 months. Sister models were the 4105 ($3,995) and the 4109, a 19" 640x480 color graphics terminal ($9950).

Shipment for the 4107 and 4109 was delayed from the 4105, and the 4107 initially shipped on December 8, 1983.

Besides higher resolution, the 4107 and 4109 had local memory for segment storage that allowed local zoom and pan of the graphics data. All three terminals supported DEC VT100 alpha mode in a dialog area which could be turned on and off overlaying the graphics area.

The 4100 series of terminals were replaced by the 4100A series which added more memory and graphics editing capabilities. Two new terminals were added to the family along with a CX4100A family supporting the IBM 3270 environment. Later the 4100A series was replaced with the 4200 series "Dolphin" program of graphic terminals.

4107 Option CX was a field-installable board that enabled IBM 3270 emulation.

Key Specifications

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