Lester Larson

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Lester Larson worked at Tektronix as a design engineer from the early 1960s through the 2000s.

He designed the 10A1.

He later worked on the 7000 series, including the 7904 and 7854.

After that, he worked on the 11000 series. The SDI interface that allows 11000 series mainframes to control and test 11000 series plug-in was designed by Lester Larson.

US Patents

  • 3394316 "Differential Amplifier Having Common Base Output Stage of Very High Output Impedance"
  • 3663832 "Delay Pickoff Circuit"
  • 3857059 "Oscilloscope Sweep System with Two Sweep Generators Having Speed Rate Switches and Sweep Mode Switches Operated by a Control Knob"
  • 6781391 "Multi-channel, low input capacitance signal probe and probe head"
  • 6847199 "Capturing both digital and analog forms of a signal through the same probing path"