TM500 Series Rear Interface Data Book

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Known versions of the Tektronix TM 500 Series Rear Interface Data Book are

Instruments covered

Document Year Links
070-2088-01.pdf 1976
070-2088-00.pdf 1975

070-2088-04: AA501, Af501, AM501, AM502, AM503, AM511, DC501, DC502, DC502 Opt.7, DC503, DC503A, DC504, DC505/505A, DC508/508A, DC509, DC510, DC5009, DC5010, DD501, DL502, DM501, DM501A, DM502, DM502A, DM505, DM5010, FG501, FG501A, FG502, FG502, FG503, FG504, FG507, FG5010, LA501, LA501W, WR501, MR501, PG501, PG502, PG505, PG506, PG507, PG508, PS501, PS502, PS503, PS503A, PS505, PS5010, RG501, SC501, SC502, SC503, SC504, SG502, SG503, SG504, SG505, SW503, TG501, TR501, TR502, MI5010, MX5010, SI5010

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