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Tektronix 021-0206-00
GPIB Interface for P7001
Tek 021-0206-00 photo from manual

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The Tektronix 021-0206-00 GPIB interface is a microprocessor-based interface to connect the 7704A/P7001 digitizer to a GPIB controller.

It plugs into the interface slot on the rear of the P7001.


Due to an error in all versions of the firmware, pin 9 of U123 is always configured as an output pin. This pin is directly connected to an output of the line driver IC U321. To prevent damage to the PIA chip, it is recommended to remove the line driver U321. Since U321 is only needed for internal testing, it can be removed without any problems.


  • $2,000 in 1981 ($6,800 in 2023 dollars)



Some Parts Used in the 021-0206-00

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
Motorola 6800 156-0426-00 Monolithic integrated circuit 8-bit microprocessor 021-0206-00 021-0374-00 067-0902-00 067-1137-99 222 222A 222PS 2424L 2445 2465 2467 4051 7250 7912 7912AD 7A16P 7A29P 7B81P 7B90P 833 834 CG5001 CG551AP CG5010 CG5011 DF1 DF2 DM5010 MI5010 SI5010 PS5004 PS5010 SG5010 Keithley 181 Keithley 175 Keithley 175A Keithley 192 Keithley 195A Keithley 197 Keithley 220 Keithley 230 Keithley 485 Keithley 580
Motorola 6810 156-0716-00 Monolithic integrated circuit 128×8 static RAM 021-0206-00 DF1 DF2 Keithley 181
Motorola 6820 156-0427-00 Monolithic integrated circuit "Peripheral Interface Adapter (PIA)" 021-0206-00 7A16P 7B81P 7B90P Keithley 175A Keithley 197 Keithley 485 Keithley 580