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Tektronix 7250
6 GHz Transient Digitizer
Tektronix 7250 aka Intertechnique IN7000

Produced from 1986 to 1992(?)

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The Tektronix 7250 is a digitizing oscilloscope with 6 GHz bandwidth, optimized for digitizing single-shot events. It uses a scan converter CRT for digitizing. From the scan converter, the trace is transferred to memory boards containing conventional RAM.

The input is through a 50 Ω N connector on the rear panel, which loops through, rather than being terminated internally. Like in the 519, there is no vertical amplifier.

The captured waveform can be transferred to a computer via a GPIB interface or can be viewed on the built-in monitor, which is a conventional computer-style CRT display and has menus.

At 60 kg (132 pounds), it is the heaviest one-piece oscilloscope ever sold by Tektronix. It was made by Intertechnique in France where it was sold as the IN7000, and rebranded by Tektronix for sale in the United States.

Key Specifications

     — 7250 mainframe
Bandwidth 6 GHz (measured as -3 dB @ 7 GHz, -6 dB @ 9.6 GHz, and -8.5 dB @ 14 GHz in Haas, Warman, van Ewijk, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 60 (3), March 1989)
Rise time 50 ps
Resolution Vertical, 11 bits. The digitizer captures 512 samples in one shot.
Sweep 1 μs/Div to 50 ps/Div (1-2-5), equivalent to max. ~1 terasample per second
Sensitivity fixed 500 mV/Div (no vertical amplifiers in the signal path)
Max. input 2 kV spikes < 1 μs
Triggering External only, requires 50 ns pretrigger signal
     — 7250 Opt. 01 External Delay Line
Bandwidth 4.5 GHz
Rise time ≤75 ps
Delay 55 ns
Attenuation 4.5 dB
Input / output 50 Ω N connectors
Trigger pickoff 20 dB attenuation, 300 ps rise time, BNC connector



  Year 1988 1990
7250 Catalog price $99,995 $104,000
2016 value $204,000 $192,000
Opt. 01 Ext. Delay Line Catalog price $12,500 $12,500
2016 value $25,500 $23,000


The 7250 has two 3.6 V ½AA lithium batteries on each memory board. With time, these batteries die, which will cause the 7250 to fail its power-on self test. New replacements are still (2011) widely available.