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Documents Referencing Sampling

Document Class Title Authors Year Links
062-1172-00.pdf Book Circuit Concepts: Sampling Oscilloscope Circuits John Mulvey; Al Zimmerman; Joe Weber; John Bookout; 1970
Tekscope 1970 V2 N1 Feb 1970.pdf Article Measuring Jitter with a Sampling Oscilloscope Al Zimmerman 1970
Tekscope 1970 V2 N1 Feb 1970.pdf Article Basic Sampling 1970
Tekscope 1970 V2 N2 Apr 1970.pdf Article Troubleshooting Sampling Systems Charles Phillips 1970
Andrews random sampling observe mercury switch.pdf Article Random Sampling Oscilloscope for the Observation of Mercury Switch Closure Transition Times Jim Andrews 1973
NBSIR73-309 Random Sampling Time Base.pdf Article Random Sampling Oscilloscope Time Base Jim Andrews 1973
42W-5850.pdf Application Note Preventing Sampling Head Overdrive and Static Damage Gary Mott 1985