The Tektronix DC510 is a 350 MHz frequency counter plug-in for the TM500 system.

Tektronix DC510
350 MHz frequency counter
Tektronix DC510

Produced from 1982 to 1993

(All manuals in PDF format unless noted otherwise)

It is similar to the DC5010 but lacking that model's GPIB interface.

The DC510 is controlled by a 6504 microprocessor, an 8K address range version of the MOS Technology 6502 in a 28pin DIP.

Key Specifications

Resolution 9 digits
Frequency up to 350 MHz




Some Parts Used in the DC510

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
155-0078-00 155-0078-xx 155-0273-00 155-0274-00 Monolithic integrated circuit broadband amplifier 464 465 466 468 475 475A 475M 485 7834 7844 7854 7904 R7903 R7912 7912AD 7912HB 7104 7A16A 7A16P 7A24 7A26 7A42 067-0587-01 067-0680-00 AM503 PG502 PG508 DC510 DC5010 FG5010
155-0253-00 155-0253-00 Monolithic integrated circuit high speed Schmitt trigger DC510 DC5010
2N4249 151-0342-00 Discrete component PNP Si low noise amp. DC501 DC502 DC503 DC503A DC504 DC504A DC505 DC505A DC508 DC508A DC509 DC510