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Tektronix AA501
audio analyzer
Tektronix AA501

Produced from 1980 to (?)

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The Tektronix AA501 is an audio analyzer plug-in for the TM500 system.

It provides automated measurement of THD+N and levels (RMS responding) in the range of 10 Hz to 100 kHz. Harmonics are measured up to 300 kHz. It has four built-in weighting filters and allows the user to loop an external filter in. Option 01 adds intermodulation measurement. Input impedance is 100 kΩ unlike other analyzers with usually 1 MΩ or near-infinite input impedance. Internal THD in the audio band is specified as typically <−95 dB (0.0018 %). Residual THD+N is specified as <−90 dB (<0.0032 %).

It was one of the first, if not the first, audio analyzers capable of fully automatic measurements without requiring manual reference level setting, range selection or frequency fine-tuning. It is ideally combined with the SG505 low distortion oscillator.

The AA501 is two slots wide.

Key Specifications

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