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Table structure:

  • Name - String
  • Country - List of Page
  • City - String
  • Affiliations - List of Page
  • Started - Date
  • Wikidata_id - Text

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Page Name Country City Affiliations Started Wikidata id
Analog Devices Maxim Integrated USA Wilmington, MA 1965 Q484930
Ball Efratom Efratom USA Irvine, CA
Chemtrix Chemtrix USA Hillsboro, OR
EMG Elektronikus Mérőkészülékek Gyára Hungary
Fracture Systems Research
General Radio General Radio Company (GenRad) USA Cambridge, Massachusetts, Melville Eastham 1915-06-14 Q5532137
Grass Valley Group Grass Valley Group USA Grass Valley, CA 1959-04-07
Hickok Hickok Electrical Instrument Co. USA Cleveland, OH 1910
Hughes Hughes Aircraft Company USA Glendale, California 1932
Jetronic Industries Jetronic Industries, Inc.' USA
Lasertron Lasertron USA
Lavoie Laboratories Lavoie Laboratories USA Long Branch, NJ 1942
Maxim Maxim Integrated USA San Jose, CA 1983 Q1784671
Metrotek Metrotek USA Richland, WA
Nelson-Ross Nelson-Ross USA
Picosecond Pulse Labs Picosecond Pulse Laboratories USA Boulder, CO 1980
Polarad Polarad Corporation USA New York, NYH 1945
RCA Radio Corporation of America (RCA) USA 1919 Q218038
Rohde & Schwarz Rohde & Schwarz Germany Munich Lothar Rohde Hermann Schwarz 1933-11-17 Q571907
Sonics & Materials Sonics & Materials USA Newtown, CT 1969
Sonometrics Sonometrics USA
Spectracom Spectracom USA Rochester, NY 1972
Sylvania Sylvania Electric Products USA 1931 Q2374032
Tegam Tegam USA
Tektronix Tektronix, Inc. USA Portland, Oregon 1946-01-02 Q1347679
Telequipment Telequipment UK Hoddesdon
Triquint Semiconductor Inc. Triquint Semiconductor Inc. USA Beaverton, Oregon 1985
Wiltron Wiltron USA Palo Alto, CA. 1960
Xetron Xetron USA Cincinnati, OH 1972
Zetec Zetec USA Seattle, WA 1968