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Document Title Author(s) Year Instruments Referenced
AX-3079.pdf The Auxiliary Video Facility of the 1480-Series of Waveform Monitors (TV Products App Note No.17) L. E. Weaver 1974 1480 1481 1482 1485
AX-3264.pdf A New NTSC Graticule for the 1480 Waveform Monitor (TV Products App Note No.20) Charlie Rhodes John Lauer 1975 1480 1485
AX-3106.pdf Vertical Interval Test Signals - Reprogramming Tektronix Signal Generators (TV Products App Note No.19) 1975 147 149 1440
AX-3388.pdf Multiburst Testing with the 1470 (TV Products App Note No.23) Stu Rasmussen 1976 1470
AX-3265.pdf Shortening the Blanking Intervals of the Tektronix 140-144-146 NTSC Generators (TV Products App Note No.22) 1976 140 144 146
Tek schematic reading and component familiarization.pdf Schematic Reading and Component Familiarization Roger Loop 1976
AX-3078-1.pdf Verifying the Bruch Blanking Sequence (TV Products App Note No.16) 1977 1481 1482 1485 521 521A 522 522A
AX-3607.pdf An Example of an M6800-Based GPIB Interface S. C. Baunach 1977 GPIB Motorola 6800
7000 Series Digital Plug-In Applications.pdf 7000 Series Digital Plug-In Applications 1977 7D10 7D11 7D12 7D13 7D14 7D15
AX-3535.pdf Crystal Device Measurements Using the Spectrum Analyzer Morris Engelson 1977 7L5
AX-3524.pdf Troubleshooting a Microprocessor (Logic Analyzer App Note #57K1.0) 1977 7D01 DF1
FastTransitionSlowSweep 7D11 7834.pdf Viewing Fast Transitions at Slow Sweep Speeds 1978 7834 7D11
AX-3197-1.pdf Testing Optoisolators 1978 577
AX-3107.pdf The Tektronix Cookbook of Standard Audio Tests using the 5L4N Low Frequency Spectrum Analyzer Clifford B. Schrock 1979 5L4N
AX-3406-1.pdf EMI Applications Using the Spectrum Analyzer Morris Engelson 1979 7L5
AX-3957.pdf X-Y Displays with Interval Timing for Measuring SOA 1979 7D15 7A17
AX-4440.pdf 7854 On-board Digital Processing Refines Scope Measurements Val Garuts Jim Tallman 1980 7854
AX-4382.pdf WP1310 Waveform Processing System 1980 7854
AX-4425.pdf WP1310 Signal Processing System 1980 7854 4052 WP1310
42AX-4682.pdf Introduction to 7854 Oscilloscope Measurement and Programming Techniques 1981 7854
26AX-3582-3.pdf FM Broadcast Measurements Using the Spectrum Analyzer Clifford B. Schrock 1981 7L12 7K11 5L4N SG502
60AX-4741.pdf Floating Oscilloscope Measurements ... And Operator Protection 1981 A6901 A6902 221
7854 Application Programs.pdf 7854 Application Programs Mike Mraz Gary Kirchberger Clark Foley Roger Loop 1981 7854
AX-4864.pdf 7854 Waveform Calculator Keyboard Guide 1981 7854
AX-4281.pdf Measurement Variety. An Engineering Challenge Featuring the 7854 1981 7854
42W-4416-1.pdf Using the 7854 in a GPIB configuration 1982 7854 GPIB
26W-4889.pdf No Loose Ends - Revised - The Tektronix Proof-of-Performance Program for CATV 1982 7L12 7L14 147 1430
42W-5017.pdf Increased Measurement Accuracy Using a 7D15 Universal Counter/Timer in any 7000 Series Oscilloscope 1982 7D15
26W-5360.pdf Fundamentals of Spectrum Analysis Bill Benedict 1983
26W-5390.pdf Spectrum Analysis utilizing Waveguide Mixers Bob Alm Len Garrett 1983 WM490
42W-5334.pdf Automated TDR Testing Made Easy with the 7854 Oscilloscope/7S12 Sampler Plug-In 1983 7854 7S12
42W-5700.pdf Power Supply/Device Testing 1984 7854
60W-6053.pdf The ABCs of Probes Les Hurlock 1986
42W-6732.pdf TekMAP 7854 Time and Amplitude Measurement Software 1987 7854
42W-6767.pdf Tektronix 7854TDR and 7854MPS measurement packages 1987 7854
42W-6694.pdf High Frequency Wafer Probing 1987
37W-7655.pdf Scope Evaluation Guide & Circuit Board Instructions 1989
26W-7045.pdf Random Noise Measurement with the Spectrum Analyzer Morris Engelson 1989 2710 2754P
20W-7076.pdf Using the Multipulse Waveform to Measure Group Delay and Amplitude Errors 1991 1910
85W-8885-0.pdf TDR Tools in Modeling Interconnects and Packages 1993
85W-8882.pdf Z-Profile Algorithm 1993 SD-24 11801 11802 CSA803
2EW-8380-1.pdf Spectrum Analyzer Fundamentals 1993
2EW-10598-0.pdf Cable TV Measurements Using the 2714/2715 Spectrum Analyzers 1995 2714 2715
51W-10798-1.pdf Power Electronics Measurements Made Easy with TDS Oscilloscopes 1996
60W-6053-8.pdf ABCs of Probes (Primer) 2004
03W-8605-3.pdf XYZs of Oscilloscopes (Primer) 2009
37W-60373-0.pdf USB Spectrum Analyzers and SignalVu-PC – Frequently Asked Questions 2016