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Document Title Author(s) Year Instruments Referenced
IBM 223-6725-2.pdf Tektronix oscilloscopes (IBM Customer Engineering Manual) 1960 310 310A 531 531A 535 535A 545A B C CA D G
AX-3079.pdf The Auxiliary Video Facility of the 1480-Series of Waveform Monitors (TV Products App Note No.17) L. E. Weaver 1974 1480 1481 1482 1485
AX-3106.pdf Vertical Interval Test Signals - Reprogramming Tektronix Signal Generators (TV Products App Note No.19) 1975 147 149 1440
AX-3264.pdf A New NTSC Graticule for the 1480 Waveform Monitor (TV Products App Note No.20) Charlie Rhodes John Lauer 1975 1480 1485
Tek schematic reading and component familiarization.pdf Schematic Reading and Component Familiarization Roger Loop 1976
AX-3265.pdf Shortening the Blanking Intervals of the Tektronix 140-144-146 NTSC Generators (TV Products App Note No.22) 1976 140 144 146
AX-3388.pdf Multiburst Testing with the 1470 (TV Products App Note No.23) Stu Rasmussen 1976 1470
067-1201-99 TM500 Power Module Constr Note.pdf TM500 Power Module Tester and Utility Power Supply Warren Collier 1977 TM500 TM501 TM503 TM504 TM506 TM515
7000 Series Digital Plug-In Applications.pdf 7000 Series Digital Plug-In Applications 1977 7D10 7D11 7D12 7D13 7D14 7D15
AX-3607.pdf An Example of an M6800-Based GPIB Interface S. C. Baunach 1977 GPIB Motorola 6800
AX-3535.pdf Crystal Device Measurements Using the Spectrum Analyzer Morris Engelson 1977 7L5
AX-3078-1.pdf Verifying the Bruch Blanking Sequence (TV Products App Note No.16) 1977 1481 1482 1485 521 521A 522 522A
AX-3524.pdf Troubleshooting a Microprocessor (Logic Analyzer App Note #57K1.0) 1977 7D01 DF1
FastTransitionSlowSweep 7D11 7834.pdf Viewing Fast Transitions at Slow Sweep Speeds 1978 7834 7D11
AX-3197-1.pdf Testing Optoisolators 1978 577
AX-3957.pdf X-Y Displays with Interval Timing for Measuring SOA 1979 7D15 7A17
AX-3406-1.pdf EMI Applications Using the Spectrum Analyzer Morris Engelson 1979 7L5
AX-3107.pdf The Tektronix Cookbook of Standard Audio Tests using the 5L4N Low Frequency Spectrum Analyzer Clifford B. Schrock 1979 5L4N
AX-4425.pdf WP1310 Signal Processing System 1980 7854 4052 WP1310
AX-4382.pdf WP1310 Waveform Processing System 1980 7854
AX-4440.pdf 7854 On-board Digital Processing Refines Scope Measurements Val Garuts Jim Tallman 1980 7854
7854 Application Programs.pdf 7854 Application Programs Mike Mraz Gary Kirchberger Clark Foley Roger Loop 1981 7854
60AX-4741.pdf Floating Oscilloscope Measurements ... And Operator Protection 1981 A6901 A6902 221
26AX-3582-3.pdf FM Broadcast Measurements Using the Spectrum Analyzer Clifford B. Schrock 1981 7L12 7K11 5L4N SG502
AX-4281.pdf Measurement Variety. An Engineering Challenge Featuring the 7854 1981 7854
AX-4864.pdf 7854 Waveform Calculator Keyboard Guide 1981 7854
42AX-4682.pdf Introduction to 7854 Oscilloscope Measurement and Programming Techniques 1981 7854
42W-4416-1.pdf Using the 7854 in a GPIB configuration 1982 7854 GPIB
42W-5017.pdf Increased Measurement Accuracy Using a 7D15 Universal Counter/Timer in any 7000 Series Oscilloscope 1982 7D15
26W-4889.pdf No Loose Ends - Revised - The Tektronix Proof-of-Performance Program for CATV 1982 7L12 7L14 147 1430
26W-5360.pdf Fundamentals of Spectrum Analysis Bill Benedict 1983
42W-5334.pdf Automated TDR Testing Made Easy with the 7854 Oscilloscope/7S12 Sampler Plug-In 1983 7854 7S12
26W-5390.pdf Spectrum Analysis utilizing Waveguide Mixers Bob Alm Len Garrett 1983 WM490
42W-5311.pdf Human pattern recognition speeds automated testing Clark Foley 1983 7D20
42W-5588.pdf Advanced Triggering Techniques Roger Ensrud 1984 7A42 7D11 7D15
42W-5700.pdf Power Supply/Device Testing 1984 7854
42W-5850.pdf Preventing Sampling Head Overdrive and Static Damage Gary Mott 1985 Sampling S-1 S-2 S-3A S-4 S-5 S-6
42W-5802.pdf Basic software programs for communicating between the 7854 and IBM PC 1985 7854
60W-6053.pdf The ABCs of Probes Les Hurlock 1986
42W-6767.pdf Tektronix 7854TDR and 7854MPS measurement packages 1987 7854
42W-6732.pdf TekMAP 7854 Time and Amplitude Measurement Software 1987 7854
42W-6694.pdf High Frequency Wafer Probing 1987
37W-7655.pdf Scope Evaluation Guide & Circuit Board Instructions 1989
26W-7045.pdf Random Noise Measurement with the Spectrum Analyzer Morris Engelson 1989 2710 2754P
20W-7076.pdf Using the Multipulse Waveform to Measure Group Delay and Amplitude Errors 1991 1910
2EW-8380-1.pdf Spectrum Analyzer Fundamentals 1993
85W-8882.pdf Z-Profile Algorithm 1993 SD-24 11801 11802 CSA803
85W-8885-0.pdf TDR Tools in Modeling Interconnects and Packages 1993
2EW-10598-0.pdf Cable TV Measurements Using the 2714/2715 Spectrum Analyzers 1995 2714 2715
51W-10798-1.pdf Power Electronics Measurements Made Easy with TDS Oscilloscopes 1996
60W-6053-8.pdf ABCs of Probes (Primer) 2004
03W-8605-3.pdf XYZs of Oscilloscopes (Primer) 2009
37W-60373-0.pdf USB Spectrum Analyzers and SignalVu-PC – Frequently Asked Questions 2016