The Tektronix MI5010 is a multifunction interface plug-in for the TM5000 system. It accepts up to three 50M-series function cards. The MX5010 extender adds three more function card slots.

Tektronix MI5010
multifunction interface
Tektronix MI5010

Produced from 1982 to (?)

ROM Images
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The plugins include

  • 50M10 - 12 bit A/D Converter
  • 50M20 - 12 bit D/A Converter
  • 50M30 - 16 lane Digital I/O
  • 50M40 - Relay Scanner
  • 50M41 - Low Level Relay Scanner
  • 50M50 - Programmable Memory. 16K byte as one 16-bit or two 8-bit I/O ports; intended to be used as a digital word generator and/or data acquisition buffer. Can be used as a waveform generator with the 50M20 D/A or as a waveform digitizer with the 50M10 A/D.
  • 50M70 - Development Card

Key Specifications

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  • Programmable V/I source
  • Real time clock
  • Triggered events
  • Buffered mode for unattended (controllerless) operation
  • Programmable handshake


The MI5010 shares the GPIB/CPU board A20 (670-7199-00) with the SI5010.




Some Parts Used in the MI5010

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
MOS Technology 6522 156-1539-00 Monolithic integrated circuit "Versatile Interface Adapter (VIA)" MI5010 SI5010
Motorola 6800 156-0426-00 Monolithic integrated circuit 8-bit microprocessor 021-0206-00 021-0374-00 067-0902-00 067-1137-99 222 222A 222PS 2424L 2445 2465 4051 7912 7912AD 7A16P 7A29P 7B81P 7B90P 833 834 CG5001 CG551AP CG5010 CG5011 DF1 DF2 DM5010 MI5010 SI5010 PS5004 PS5010 SG5010
TMS9914 156-1444-00 156-1444-01 Monolithic integrated circuit GPIB controller 2221 2230 2424L 2440 4052A 4054A 021-0374-00 067-1137-99 DC5009 DC5010 DM5010 DM5120 DM5520 MI5010 SG5010 SG5030 SI5010 PS5004 PS5010